About Mark

Real Estate Investor

At age of 22 years old Mark was enrolled in College, working as a Real Estate Agent, Buying & Selling used cars and working as a bouncer at a Night Club. By the time Mark was 24 he bought his first house with no money, fixed it up and sold it for an $82,000 profit. By the age of 27 Mark made his first Million Dollars investing in Real Estate. Mark has attended over 100 Seminars, Read hundreds of books, listen to thousands of hours of Audio on success and decades of experience in sales, marketing and investing. Mark uses Knowledge and Performance Strategies to help his friends, partners and companies unleash their full potential. Mark has a passion for inspiring people and helping them to achieve their ultimate potential and dreams.

Welcome Everyone to My World... If you are reading this, then I attracted you here! The Law of Attraction is always in effect!!! My name is Mark... I Live and stay positive about everything that life has to offer and I truly feel that you Create your own Destiny! I am a Real Estate Investor, motivational Speaker and Mentor. I am passionate, loving, outgoing, successful, ambitious, motivated, always present, always real, always true to my heart and love to meet new people everywhere I go. .

Life is a journey of figuring out who we are, accepting ourselves as we are and accepting others just as they are. I like to stay active, always on the move, I love to exercise, go on vacations all over the planet, read books, go to seminars, and listening to CD’s from Real Estate Investing experts, Abraham Hicks, Tony Robins, and other great teachings.

My beliefs about life are that we are the creators of our own experiences. We choose to be happy and we choose to be sad. I create each and every day of my life to be Happy and grateful for the life I live. I Love to inspire others to grow and expand themselves. I Love to get up at 4:30AM Monday thru Friday and go to the gym with my trainer. I enjoy Running, Swimming and Biking to the beach or Local Park on Saturdays and Sundays. I like to read at least two books a month about self improvement. I like to expand myself in every area of my life. I create balance in my life and help others find the same. Everyone around me feels my energy and grows because of it. If you spend time with me you will either expand yourself or run away afraid of your possibilities.

I Love my career and have been the creator of numerous real estate related companies. I am the President and founder of two real estate related web sites. I am also a Real Estate investor and enjoy it tremendously. I am a motivational speaker and Love to motivate people to be the best they can be. I believe everyone is good at heart and that we are all connected to one other. I am extremely healthy in mind, body and spirit. I always take very good care of myself and choose things, people and experiences that make me stronger. In life you either become stronger or you become weaker. I believe in myself to be the creator of my life and all that I am and all that I can be is up to me. I Love life and enjoy it to the fullest each and every day. I have created the freedom to do what I want, when I want to. I Love to meet people of culture, learn new things, travel to new places, go to new Restaurants to eat new types of food, learn new dances, experience new cultures and to always be spontaneous. If you believe you can create your own happiness and experience life as an adventure, then you are ready to be my friend! I am enjoying life VERY much! If you want to find out more about me or my coaching and more about who you can be, then just ask and I’ll tell....